Rather than advise teens to have safe sex or talk to them about sexting, spy on them and enforce abstinence. Never mind that it doesn’t work.

You’ll Never Guess What The Today Show Is Sensationalizing This Time (VIDEO) | Addicting Info & Young Progressive Voices

I know; it’s shocking. Male teens have sex. Did you know they even use their phones to try and have sex!? It’s not like we use our phones as flashlights, a GPS, and for well… literally everything imaginable. Thanks to the “Today Show we now know that “boys are sexting more than ever.” Last Thursday, […]

Cory Booker

The New York Times Thinks the Best Candidates Are ‘Cozy’ With The ‘Moneyed Class’ | Addicting Info & Young Progressive Voices

In a recent editorial by the New York Times the editors endorsed Cory Booker for senate, defending Booker from “denigration” by his opponents by lifting up Booker’s “assets” including “his fame, his ability to work with Republicans, [and] his coziness with the moneyed class.” So essentially, The Times just endorsed a candidate for being a crony for Wall Street and corporate […]


Chronicling California | Part 1

I awoke on a cold spring morning, still tired from a night of packing, preparing, almost meditating. “Did I forget anything?” is the question I ritualistically asked myself, of course I know I had every material possession needed for my long trip. What I was forgetting was not a thing, it was a feeling. I […]

Screen shot taken from a Youtube video of a bludgeon LGBT activist cornered by riot police in St. Petersburg, Russia. June 29th.

As Lansing Votes On It’s Sister City Status with St. Petersburg, the Entire World Watches

The blood running from his nose was what drew my eyes. The panic and terror is what caught my attention. This is St. Petersburg for an LGBT activist merely exercising their rights. This is how I found out that Lansing’s Russian Sister City, St. Petersburg was systematically violating the human rights of it’s LGBT residents. In […]

Roman Inverviewd by Mike's High School Newspaper

Interview with Roman Collins, 17 year old Intern with Move to Amend | Mike’s High School Newspaper, MichaelMoore.com (VIDEO)

Roman Collins is a self-described “unapologetic progressive loud mouth, hellbent on ending corporate rule.”  He is a seventeen year old high school dropout interning with Move to Amend, “the movement to end corporate personhood and get money out of politics.”  Mike’s High School Newspaper talked to Collins at Netroots Nation 2013 in San Jose, CA… […]


Lochnerized: Corporations have Constitutional Rights. Unions? Not So Much

by Roman Collins and Laura Bonham When judicial rulings create law, it’s commonly known as judicial activism.”Lochnerizing” is when the courts invalidate democratically enacted laws while granting corporations constitutional rights. In a 1905 Supreme Court case, Lochner v. New York, the Court struck down a New York state law that limited the amount of hours a baker could […]

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